Let’s Start At The Beginning

It’s a story I’ve told many times.  I used to be the Entertainment Manager for the Seneca Gaming Corporation and had the opportunity to meet and shake hands with a lot of musicians and even music legends!  I had heard of Robben Ford in the blues scene and think he’s a great guitarist, so I was pretty excited to meet him when he and Renegade Creation were going to be performing at the Bears Den.  I was overseeing the sound check when Michael Landau walked in and started setting up.  He noticed me sitting there and said hello so we exchanged pleasantries.  We talked a bit more before they headed back to their rooms prior to showtime.  After the show, we talked a bit more and told him that the tour manager said that it was ok to take a few pics and that if he was interested in seeing a few, I could email some to him.  A few weeks later he responded, telling me that he really liked one of my photos and that it would work perfectly for a forthcoming CD he was working on.  After I said “of course”, Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records reached out to me and we worked out the contract.

My first CD cover, featured above, unleashed the concert photography passion.  Of course I still have a passion for photography in general and Im always looking to grab the camera and snap a few shots.  But once I started with Michael and Renegade Creation, I couldnt help but start bringing my camera to work with me on show nights.  For most of the time, the tour managers accommodated my request so long as I didnt abuse the power of being the Entertainment Manager position.

Now, a few years later, I still have the concert bug and being in the greater NYC market, a lot of my favorite musicians and music idols that I havent seen keep rolling through.  I look forward to sharing these memories with you as I get more of an opportunity to shoot.

It should be added that this show was shot using a Canon EOS T1i w/75-300mm.  The quality isnt the best, but hey, I was still learning, as I still am!

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