George Thorogood – The Paramount 9/23/21

The first song I remember ever hearing from George Thorogood was “Who Do You Love”.  I played little loop football for the Seneca Sachems when I was 12 and one of my teammates parents’ had it playing in their car when practice was over.  Its still one of my favorite songs George has ever recorded, which was borrowed from Bo Diddley from the mid-50’s!  

But it wasnt until the mid -00’s that I actually got to see him perform live.  It was another show that the casino hosted while I was the entertainment manager.  I popped my head in the green room to ask if everything was ok and if he needed anything.  We started small talk which led to my being Native.  He took an interest in the native culture and wanted to learn more.  As our conversation was nearing its end since he had to hit the stage, I asked for a guitar pick.  He informed me that he didnt use the normal flat picks as most guitarists use but instead had a thumb pick that he preferred to match the style he played.  He added that he didnt have signature picks and the company that made the ones he liked went out of business so he only had so many left.  Still, I consider it a privilege that he allowed me to keep it.

As for Lonesome George’s performance at The Paramount in Huntington, NY, he still knows how to throw a party.  He may be known for drinking alone, or telling his dog to move it on over or perhaps even to get a haircut and get a real job. One thing for certain, the one question he doesnt have to ask is “Who Do You Love”?  The near full capacity crowd made sure of that!

He may be bad to the bone, but George was thoroughly good!!!

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