Steve Conte – The Cutting Room NYC 10/29/21

The Cutting Room in Midtown Manhattan was once again, a packed house! This night they would be hosting Stevie Van Zandt’s Indie label, Wicked Cool Records’ recording artist, Steve Conte.  Most known for playing with the NY Dolls and Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, Steve has branched out with a solo career.  I first saw Steve when he joined Joel Hoekstra’s Jam at the Iridium a few years ago.  To say he left me impressed was an understatement; how could I not know who Steve was?

His forthcoming album, Bronx Cheer will be released November 5, 2021 and those of us in attendance were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him in action.  If we were the guinea pigs for the reaction of the new songs and show, I can guarantee an upcoming tour is a must.  I will also add that I will be the first in line to acquire my ticket, should he play at a venue near me!  Hey Steve, if you need a tour photographer, Im your guy!!!

Here are a few highlights from his performance. 

To see the complete gallery, please visit

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