A Year in Review – 2021

We can all admit that 2021 was not a good year for concert goers; however, it may have been a bit better than 2020 albeit, not by much! The beginning of the year didnt look very promising as many shows were still being cancelled or postponed til later dates, some postponed and eventually cancelled! It did look quite a bit promising when The Iridium opened its doors to a a VIP/invited guests only crowd to perhaps clean out the cobwebs of a sitting venue for The Alex Skolnick Trio. But that didnt last. The Iridium has yet to reopen their doors.

I was able to catch a few shows later in the year including Emerald Rising at Katie’s of Smithtown, unfortunately the lighting was quite a bit too challenging and left me to sit there and actually enjoy the show, which I did. After that, The Cutting Room opened its doors for the Friends of the Brothers featuring Alan Paul, Andy Aledort and Junior Mack with Special guest, TAZ!

Summer seemed to be over as quickly it arrived. Luckily, with my portfolio now active, I was able to garner a few photo passes for more shows including Ann Wilson, George Thorogood, Marcus King Band and Cheap Trick!! But I would be remiss if I didnt give a shout to my pals, Max Carl of Grand Funk Railroad, Steve Conte, Mr Jimmy of Jason Bonham, Nick Lee of Moon Tooth and Adam Ellis of The Paramount for whom made shooting a few shows possible.

I dont know what 2022 holds in regard to future shows, but the more we learn about the damn pandemic and the more caution we use to protect ourselves and others, perhaps we can move in a better direction and keep putting my portfolio to good use!!

May you all have a blessed New Year and stay safe!!

To view my professional portfolio please visit http://www.robarmstrongpix.com or http://www.robarmstrongphotos.com to view full galleries from the many venues of bands I have had to opportunity to shoot!!

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