Ace Frehley – Patchogue, NY 3/3/22

I remember the first album I ever received; it was Kiss Alive and my mom gave it to me for Easter when I was 9 or 10.  I was already an Ace Frehley fan but I’m not sure why and I remember thinking he was also the lead singer!  Listening throughout the whole album, I thought Ace sang the vocals of Paul Stanley while thinking Paul Stanley sang Peter Chris’ vocals.  Gene Simmons was still Gene Simmons! And who would think that a drummer did any singing?

It was a long shot wish, but I remember BEGGING my mom to take me to see them when they came to Buffalo, sadly my begging would prove to be futile.  And since the album was “live”, she told me to just lay down in front of the console stereo record player with my head between the speakers and pretend I was there!! Yea, it wasn’t nearly the same!

The first time I had the opportunity to see Ace was when I was the Entertainment Manager for The Seneca Niagara Casino, Resort & Hotel when he played in our Bear’s Den Theater.  Unfortunately, he wanted to keep to himself so I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to my guitar hero and to top it off, the Tour Manager insisted that I accompany him during Ace’s set, so I didn’t get a chance to see much of his 75 minute set either!  It wasn’t until Ace came to The Paramount in Huntington, NY when I got to see Ace perform live for the first time.  I wasn’t allowed to shoot the show, but in hindsight it’s probably good that I didn’t.  He sounded amazing and put on a great show! If I had acquired a photo pass, I would have been distracted trying to “get the shot”!

Last summer I had the opportunity to see Ace when he was scheduled to open for Alice Cooper, unfortunately, due to poor scheduling and oversights on the contract/rider, the venue was unable to accommodate the elaborate stage set that Alice required therefore the show was canceled.  Perhaps the date at Patchogue Theatre was a makeup date for his Long Island fan-base?

Fortunately, I was able to score a photo/press pass for this show!  And true to form, Ace and Company put on a stellar show! 

But after all is said and done, in my humble opinion, I still think that Ace has been the most successful of all the other Kiss members as a solo artist.  Gene might still go out and do his solo efforts as does Paul, but truth be told, year after year, Ace is always touring.  Its only when Paul and Gene team up with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer and dress up with costumes and make up that they become successful again.  I wonder how big the Ace tour would be if he was not only allowed to do it, but also if he wanted to, if he brought Space Ace back!  I can only imagine Ace walking out on stage in full regalia, perhaps a new costume but the same Ace make-up!  I can imagine his co-spacemen in matching regalia and make-up playing all the Kiss hits he wrote as well as the Kiss Solo songs he’s known for in addition to a set of all his new solo hits and choice cuts.  Would I be begging for too much?? I’m sure it would all be another exercise in futility! But, hey, I can wish right?
















Thanks to Jodi Giambrone to review

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  1. After viewing clips seeing live shows of Frehley’s performances these last years I’d say Frehley isnt even close to playing at a level comparatively with KISS..almost always later to mic each verse forgetting lines…His band carries him most the time he will play the leads only and they arent consistent per show or recorded songs..His set contains covers KISS songs many he didnt have any input on.. Other songs vocals are covered by other band members..Part of the issue may be his loss of hearing.. The offer from KISS is walk on performance ,no costume or make up for a few encore songs..Frehley wants Thayer sidelined an equal % his make up rights returned and a year US tour..Remermber Frehley quit twice before with tours booked.. Why would KISS want to deal with the problems? They dont


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