PLUSH feat. Moriah Formica @ The Paramount

Hats off to another spectacular performance by Moriah Formica and Plush.  As you may recall, Moriah gained popularity with the show, The Voice.  Unfortunately I am not a fan of that show so I was a bit late to the party that started her career.  

I had seen a few photos that a buddy of mine took at the NAMM convention where she played.  He had informed me that anytime she was in the area that I strongly go see her.  Luckily, a month later she was in my neck of the woods.  She was still going under her name when she performed at Revolution Music Hall and was headlining the evening which featured 3 other bands.  Although I was able to shoot the show, I felt that her set was abbreviated and after editing the photos and sending her a few she more or less confirmed what I was assuming. Although I didnt get the club’s answer, since she was under the age of 21 and it was an 18 and over show, there was a curfew and due to time constraints and the previous bands running longer than their allotted time she didnt play her full set.  A bummer to say the least.

She now has an all-girl band going by the name, Plush and a new self-titled CD.  I had reached out to her once again to ask for a photo pass when she was going to be warming up the crowd for Sevendust at The Paramount. This time, although her set was quite a bit longer, they still didnt perform a full 75 – 90 minute set.  Plush performed songs from their new CD as well as Heart’s Barracuda, which Moriah is famous for!  

If I were to have any complaints about the performance it would be the lack of lighting during the first three songs.  As most photographers are aware, it has become standard that we are given permission to only shoot the first three songs of the set and no flash!  As was this case.  Moriah played her heart out as did her band and her vocals have never sounded better!  Unfortunately, I felt she hid behind the mic until after the first three songs.  Her bandmates, Bella Perron on guitar and Ashley Suppa on Bass were quite animated which provided many opportunities to get great shots.  And luckily, the placement of the drum kit allowed for great shots of Brooke Colucci!

As a photographer, as previously mentioned, it was challenging at times, but had I been part of the crowd as a concert goer, Plush nailed it!! Each member was on point.  They have great chemistry and play well together and I hope to get the opportunity to shoot them again! They certainly have a great future ahead of themselves!

Thanks to Joshua Formica for the opportunity to review the show

Here is an abbreviated gallery of their performance.  The view the full gallery, please visit

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