Judas Priest – Nassau Coliseum 10.18.22

There is only one word that could describe Judas Priest’s “50 Heavy Metal Years Tour”, ok, only two words, and those would be “Simply Amazing”!! Im not here to talk about Richie Faulkner’s heart issue he sustained just over a year ago that almost killed him; thats a story all its own.  Im also not here to talk about how the only “original ” remaining member is Ian Hill, although Rob Halford provided vocals on their debut album Rocka Rolla.  I’m also not here to discuss how they dont get royalties from their first two albums, Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings Of Destiny, which in my opinion is one of their best albums!

What I am here to express is how amazing they sound!  Rob’s extremely powerful vocals are the heart of their heart pounding musicianship and he proved song after song that he still has that voice we all came to know as the voice of Heavy Metal!  When all is combined, they really prove why they will always be the true definition of what Heavy Metal music is all about!

What else can I say that hasnt already been said, but perhaps “if its too loud, youre too old”, well guess what…??

Here are a few photos from their amazing performance from Nassau Coliseum on 10/18/22. 

For full gallery visit: https://www.robarmstrongphotos.com/Concert-Photography/Nassau-Coliseum/Judas-Priest-101822/

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