Marc Anthony – MSG – 02.09.23

Review by Rob Armstrong for Ravensview

Photos taken with iPhone as Photo Pass was rescinded DOS for unspecified reasons.

Marc Anthony made a stop on his latest Viviendo Tour to perform at “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” AKA Madison Square Garden, in New York City on Thursday, February 9th. If you were to ask me how the performance was, I would have to answer it as such: it was like a warm Latin Family Reunion! A family reunion with over twenty thousand of your closest relatives!

Comedian Joey Vega began the night with a half hour set, continuing the twenty plus year tradition of touring as the supporting act for Marc Anthony. Always a lot of laughs, you could also compare him to your uncle telling his raunchy, and sometimes inappropriate jokes, during a family gathering. From there, the DJ continued to keep the party going with several Salsa favorites, prompting many fans to sing along and dance in the aisles.

As the house lights dimmed and the band took their places, it was evident, everyone was totally primed and ready for a performance that only Marc Anthony could deliver! The band started it off by warming up the crowd with instrumental salsa. Then after a few minutes, it was time for the forty foot backstage wall to be divided and opened for Marc Anthony’s grand entrance. The crowd went wild and since I said it felt like the audience was primed previously, it was now evident the crowd was completely electrified!

They ripped into “Pa’lla voy,” the title track of his latest album 

and then continued the setlist with: “Valió la pena,” 

“Y hubo alguien,”

“Hasta ayer,”

“Flor pálida,”

“Contra la corriente,” complete with a bongo and drum solo, 

“Palabras del alma / Si te vas,”

“¿Qué precio tiene el cielo?,”


“Te conozco bien,”

“Parecen Viernes,”

“Tu amor me hace bien” 

and closed it all out with “Vivir mi vida.”

From beginning to end, my favorite aspect about a Marc Anthony performance is that there is no need for distractions. There wasn’t a need for flashy lights, elaborate backdrops, a sea of dancers or multiple costume changes. All that is needed for a magnificent show is Marc Anthony, his vocals, his style and his band. And that is just what we got this evening, a magnificent show. And while we left the show feeling all pumped up from all the energy, we were completely satisfied and content. And isn’t a great time with great people what we all want from a big family reunion? 

The tour rounds down on March 12th in San Diego, CA, so be sure not to miss your chance to catch a show near you. For more information on Marc Anthony:

To see the full gallery of photos from the Legacy Tour 2019:

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