Cheap Trick – 5.18.23 Theatre at Westbury, NY

It always warms my heart to see parents my age taking their kids to concerts that were around when we were that age. From bands like Kiss, with full make-up, Judas Priest including the leather, or perhaps Motley Crue, again with the leather plus the hair!  But there’s a bit more sentimentality with bands like Cheap Trick who might not have that “schtick” that parents dont mimic with their kids.  Unless of course they dress them up like Rick Nielsen; truly a brand all his own!

But what I think really makes seeing Cheap Trick a family affair is that, with the controversial departure of Bun E Carlos back in 2010, Rick Neilsen’s son Daxx has been filling in on the skins while Robin Zander’s son, Robin Jr, has filled in on all positions including Rick, Daxx, and most lately Tom while he was recuperating from heart surgery back in 2021.  Jr even touted one of Tom’s custom made 12 string basses!

With Daxx now considered a permanent fixture behind skins, Rick, Robin and Tom have also been touring with Robin’s musical prodigies, Robin Jr on rhythm guitar and Robin-Sailor Zander, Robins daughter, as special back-up vocalist on Surrender, truly stating “mama’s alright, daddy’s alright”!

Here are a few highlights from Cheap Trick’s top-notch performance at NYCB Theatre at Westbury on Long Island.  For tour and ticket information, visit


Hello There

Elo Kiddies

Hot Love

If You Want My Love

Big Eyes

Stiff Competition

California Man

Need Your Love

Ain’t That a Shame

High Roller

Boys & Girls & Rock ‘n Roll

Downed (Robin Jr vox)

I Know What I Want (Tom Petersson vox)

The Flame

I Want You to Want Me

Dream Police


Never Had A Lot to Lose


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