Head Games-The Paramount, Huntington,NY

I dont claim to be a great reviewer nor is my intention to be a critic; I prefer to call myself an “experiencer”!  I like to recount my feelings for the shows I attend.  Having said that, here is my recollection of seeing Head Games for the first time.  Its a show I would most certainly check out again!!

I am a product of the 70’s, and I love 70’s music especially what is considered Classic Rock! Thats when music was music! And of course I had my favorites, early Van Halen, early AC-DC, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple. There are even a few 80’s bands that I really like, especially some of the Hair Bands like Def Leppard, Journey and Foreigner! Unfortunately, those bands dont hardly tour anymore and if youre lucky enough to see them, you may find that theyve lost it! Perhaps the lead singer just cant hit those notes, or the acrobatics by the musicians no longer exist and are now standing close to their mics awaiting their cue for background vocals. Which is why I think tribute bands have such a huge following these days. But what makes a great tribute band?? Of course it helps if you have some of the “gimmick” that makes up the actual artist you are portraying; you cant just go on stage and sing the “best of” and hope you get a following! Bands like Completely Unchained have both a David Lee Roth impersonator who can actually sing and a guitarist who nails Eddie Van Halen to the tee, including the jump suits and the replica Kramer Frankenstrat. And they both come complete with wigs! Other bands that keep up with the gimmick or at least some of the characteristics of the bands theyre emulating are Ozzmossis NY (Ozzy Osbourne), Bad Animals (Heart), Voyage (Journey), Rock of Ages (Def Leppard) and Head Games (Foreigner). I had the opportunity to check out Head Games this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how well the band played together since they added a couple of new players to the line up including Damiano Scarfi on lead guitar and Chris Tristram slappin’ da bass. The lead singer, Michael Ledesma hit every note and did Lou Gramm justice while we were entertained to witness the chemistry all the musicians brought to the table. Their set consisted of all the big hits including Hot Blooded, Double Vision, Cold As Ice and of course Head Games! We were even treated to Jefferson Starships’ Jane, a song that not only fit the repertoire but was also well received by the crowd. My only complaint was the lack of volume for the guitar solos. Damiano is a talented guitarist and from what I could hear, a great sound, which I wasnt able to fully enjoy as I felt the House Mix EQ was lacking. And because of it I just wasnt able to fully enjoy the talent this band as a whole provides. That being said, I would definitely see them again!

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