Billy Gibbons Big Bad Blues The Paramount, Huntington, NY

For the most part, whenever anyone is asked what their favorite song from ZZ Top is, the response is usually “La Grange”.  Unless of course youre a product of the 80’s and thats the era youre more familiar with, then the response is more likely “Legs”.  I grew up listening to the classic ZZ Top and didnt care too much for their 80’s stuff; it just wasnt “blues” to me! I loved the Cheap Sunglasses, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Tush and of course La Grange.  Anytime anyone asked us if I knew who ZZ Top was, my answer was a quick “uh how how how”!! 


You can imagine my excitement the first time I was able to chat with Reverend Willie G!  It was the second show we were hosting ZZ Top at the Allegheny Resort and Casino in upstate NY.  Billy’s personal assistant asked if I could act as security while we fetched him from his room and escort him to the Events Center for sound check.  I waited outside the door to his room while she helped him gather the things he would need since he wouldnt be coming back to his room prior to the show.  He greeted me as his assistant made the introductions and we walked towards the elevator. He had a half eaten tuna fish sandwich wrapped on a plate and remarked what a great tuna fish sandwich it was and was probably one of the best he had ever eaten!! I couldnt help but tell him he needed to get out more often!! He saw the humor in my remark and half turned at me and chuckled, “uh how how how”!!!

Here is a gallery I created when Billy Gibbons performed at The Paramount in Huntington, NY


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