There was a time when I couldnt stand Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard to me!  But like a few other artists, Bruce Springsteen included, I learned to appreciate and enjoy their music and I grew quite fond of the prowess of Dickinson’s voice and range.  I remember the first time I saw them.  It was during the “Somewhere In Time” tour, aptly called the “Somewhere On Tour” tour at Lloyd Nobel Arena in Norman, OK!  I was with one of my sister’s and a few of her friends, one of which was quite pregnant so Im not sure why she even attempted to sneak in with the rest of us.  We walked back to the tour bus and load in location and walked up to the gray haired security guard that was sitting there ushering back stage pass patrons, when my sister started talking to him.  Its nothing he hadnt heard before and we were all awaiting our que to rush the stage when suddenly she yells “NOW”!! I think there were a total of 5 of us; me, my sister, Tracy, another friend and the pregnant girl.  We hauled ass, stage bound, jumped the barricade and quickly mixed in with a few other concert goers.  I looked back only to see the pregnant girl being nabbed by security and out she went.  The rest of us kinda got lost on the floor and I set myself about 10 rows back, center stage! It was General Admission, so we all had to stand which was probably a good thing, that way we could more easily blend in.  I dont recall the opening band, but Maiden blew me away!

I cant say that I ever became a die hard fan, but they do put on a great show.  I never got into collecting their music, but I have a few albums in my collection including “Powerslave”, “Live After Death” and “Edward The Great”.  And Ill tell you what, Long Islands’ Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death takes me back! Front man Scott Oliva provides the pipes Bruce would be proud of, Sal Italiano, with the constant smile on his face brings the bass while Nick Trotti and Mike Dwyer share the dueling guitar of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith respectively and on skins, Bobby Riegger!  Together they are an Iron Maiden force to be reckoned with.  With the talent they all bring to the table, it would be so great to see them on a big stage rather than a small club.  Hopefully itll happen sooner than later!

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