Moriah Formica-Revolution Music Hall 2/1/20

She’s an old soul, an old soul who can shred as well as she can sing!  And she does so effortlessly!  Belting out songs from Heart and Blondie as well as her own original material, Mariah Formica is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with!  So you can imagine my displeasure when it seemed her set was cut short; only approximately 35 minutes.  It hasnt been confirmed but Im pretty astute when it comes to situations like that.  Its my opinion only that I think she was told her time was up considering the amount of minors that were there and her only being 19 years old as it is, this could have been an 18 and over show with an 11p curfew!  She went on stage as quickly as possible after Adam and the Metal Hawks cleared their equipment from the stage about 10:45p and I noticed a guy giving her a signal which told me, her time was up.  She left the stage about 11:20p.  I didnt stick around to find out what happened but I heard plenty to know that I will be seeing her again, hopefully in a bigger venue!

Nothing against Revolution in regard to being a music hall & bar, I actually like the place!  But again, in my opinion, its time to update to a more professional lighting plot and PA.  At times, I couldnt hear her solos except from her own onstage monitors!  And as a photographer, the lighting could use an overhaul.  Im not asking for a downstage, middle or upstage truss but a few par cans or lekos with no-color pink to light the downstage better would be so much more beneficial for better shots!  The stage, although is triangular in nature is plenty big enough for most bands and Ive yet to see any bands elbow to elbow, squeezing each other off the stage.

My pet-peeve from this show?? The fricken dude that was in her face all night with his smart phone recording the show!! You know what?  I wouldnt doubt if he was the reason she stopped playing!! I highly doubt it but I did catch a few looks from her like, “dude, get the fuck outta my face!”  But of course, being a professional musician and not being Rob Halford, she really couldnt do that, now could she??  Here’s a gallery highlighting her performance, as you will see the quality isnt the best!  Better luck next time!!

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