Jake E Lee – 89 North, Patchogue, NY

I have to thank my ole buddy Petey for the opportunity to meet Jake E Lee back in 1991.  He was a professional “roadie” back then and knew how to get into the clubs and help out with the incoming bands’ stage set ups.  We had heard Jake was doing his first solo tour for Badlands after he had left Ozzy and showed up at the club at which he was playing to possibly lend a hand.  Although I wasnt part of the “roadie” crew, I think Petey and another buddy, Dan, were able to help out.  I had previously drew a pic of Jake and was hoping to get it autographed.  When the band walked off the bus and headed to the back entrance of the venue, I walked up to Jake and asked if he would sign the pic I had drawn of him.  He sarcastically asked who it was and one of his bandmates said “DUDE, Thats you!!”  He signed my photo, shook my hand and continued into the venue.  Kinda wish I got a guitar pick!!

With his new band, Red Dragon Cartel, his line up consists of Darren James Smith on vocals, Anthony Esposito on Bass and Saigon Kicks former drummer, Phil Varone!  Talk about a power house band!  In support of their latest release, Patina, Jake brought his cartel to 89 North in Patchogue, New York.  It was an incredible performance for all who attended, and for a rather small venue, Jake and the Cartel played as though they were on stage at MSG.  And although I didnt have a picture for him to sign, nor the credentials to meet backstage, I was able to shoot quite a few pics and acquire a couple guitar picks!!

Here is a quick gallery of Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel

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