Alex Skolnick Trio – Easing Out Of The Pandemic

I was both honored and privileged to be part of Alex Skolnick Trios’ performance at New York City’s premiere jazz club, The Iridium, affectionately known as the House that Les Built, as in the famous Les Paul! As a way of cleaning out the spider webs left from the Covid pandemic destructive path, many smaller venues are offering small, intimate groups and offering premiere artists an opportunity to get out of the house and back on to the stage. The Iridium also brought out their video gear and offered a Live Stream of AST’s performance which could also be viewed via Alex’s IG live feed.

Starting around 7:30 PM, Friday March 5, 2021, the cameras were rolling, amps were blaring, drums were pounding and along with 4 other photographers, the shutters were clicking! For over an hour, rounding out a 75 minute set, Alex and company showcased their exceptional talent. And even though Alex claimed they havent played live in nearly a year, the professionalism showcased by him, Nathen Peck on Bass and Matt Zebroski on drums, it was evident that their ability to feed of each other, to know instinctively where each other was on an astral plane, they didnt miss a beat!

I do hope, for live music artists, venues and for the sake of all fans of live music, we dont, as a people, set ourselves back and pull ourselves out of this pandemic so that we can get back in a better sense of normalcy. It was great to get out, see a show and experience the camaraderie of my fellow photographers. Not to mention, see a stellar show by exceptional talent as Alex Skolnick Trio!!

Here are some highlights from that show! Please visit for more galleries of other artists.

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