The Coffee Book Is In The Making

Ive been going through my collection of Pow Wow pics that Ive collected over the past few years. Unfortunately, due to a reformatting accident of my external hard drive by a former colleague of mine, 30Gs of photos were lost! For the past couple years, Im constantly being reminded of the photo shoots, events, concerts and vacations that are now lost. A few such events were the Pow Wows from Randall’s Island – Indigenous Day Celebration, Babylon Annual Pow Wow, Marvin “Joe” Curry Memorial Pow Wow in Salamanca, NY and my first Shinnecock Pow Wow located in South Hampton, NY. After I lost those photos, I had acquired a couple more external hard drives and double backed my work. Ive been able to get back to Shinnecock, Marvin “Joe” Curry and Babylon pow wows, but was unable to make the last Randall’s Island Indigenous celebration.

Lately, after revisiting my collection, I have decided that I will be creating a coffee table book featuring a few highlighted dancers. I feel I dont have quite enough photos to create a book to my “standards”, so hopefully this year I can get back out and shoot a few more pow wows. There are a couple more new places that I havent been to yet and would like to check them out although Im pretty sure the dancers that I already have will also be there.

Here is a gallery featuring dancers from Babylon, Marvin “Joe” Curry in Salamanca, NY, and Shinnecock Pow Wows from the past couple years.

If you are interested in a hi – rez (no pun intended) pic, drop me an email, DM or text.

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