Colin James – The City Winery NYC 7.13.22

In all honesty, Ive never really been a fan of Woody Harrelson although his character on Cheers was quite funny at times and Ive never really been a fan of Bill Murray especially after “What About Bob?”!!  So why was I compelled to go see the movie “Kingpin” which featured two actors I really didnt care about?  No matter the reason, the soundtrack featured the song Surely, by Colin James, whom I had never heard of prior!  This was during the time of Napster so I googled the soundtrack and downloaded a few choice songs including Surely!  It was shortly after that I had gone to Circuit City and purchased a few CD’s by Colin and was an instant fan!  You can imagine my delight when he made a stop at Buffalo New York’s The Tralf! The club only holds about 450 patrons so theres not a bad seat in the house!  After the show, I hung out and asked him to autograph my ticket stub to which he obliged.

Colin hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and rarely makes east coast visits.  Fortunately, with a new release thats gained popularity, a fan of his, Buddy Guy asked him to join him for a few dates that made a stop here on Long Island this past Spring.  I was fortunate to obtain a photo/press pass for that show and was even more privileged to be granted another photo/press pass for his “An Evening With..” appearance at New York’s City Winery on the 57th pier along the Hudson!  Although I felt the crowd was a bit sparse, Colin played like he was performing in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden!  And that is class of a true musician!

Here are a few choice photos from that show.

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