Gov’t Mule – The Paramount, Huntington, NY 8.7.22

I’m one of the ole school guys who believe that Molly Hatchet and .38 Special nearly killed Southern Rock back in the 80’s!  Growing up in the 70’s, listening to my mom’s music, for all intents and purposes, I listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Oak Arkansas, The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band, Blackfoot, although the current line up has no original members even though, Rickey Medlocke, wholeheartedly supports the band and makes an occasional appearance when he’s not on tour with Skynyrd, and of course, The Allmann Brothers.

Fortunately, Southern Rock has a strong heart!  With bands and artists that have spawned from the originals, we now have Duane Betts, Devon Allman, which have collaborated to form Allman Betts Band, Marcus King Band, Drive-by Truckers, Blackberry Smoke and of course Gov’t Mule!

Straight out of the Allmann Brothers camp, front man Warren Haynes and Co. are leading the Southern Rock Brigade!  Performing 2 full sets at The Paramount in Huntington, NY included music from their recent release, “Heavy Load Blues”, sprinkled a bit with Allmann classics as well as Mule classics, Gov’t Mule is sure to cover their rich Southern history.  Known as a “mountain jam” band, The Mule is known to have their shows last easily for three hours plus!  I can only imagine how long the night would last or how early into the morning their shows would last during a festival event.  Needless to say, I’d still check ‘em out, as I have numerous times before.

One thing that I do question though, is how this market is so unpredictable?  I have seen Gov’t Mule perform in a 2800 seat venue and sell only half capacity, then the following week, they can sell out a three night stint at the Beacon Theater which holds nearly 3K!! From my speculation, it was great to see The Paramount in Huntington, NY at full capacity which is approximately 1600! 

Clearly Southern Rock is alive and well!

Thanks to Bari Lieberman for the credentials to cover the performance.

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