Lez Zeppelin – The Paramount 11/12/22

First and foremost, Lez Zeppelin was amazing!! But Ill admit, I had my doubts.  When I first heard they were going to be at my #1 venue, I had to check them out on YouTube.  And in all honesty, I wasnt very impressed.  Perhaps it was a bad recording, or maybe the singer had an off-night.  Whatever the reason, I honestly didnt think Id stay the whole show.  Another 3 and out and out the door I go!

The “draw” for this particular tour was that they would be performing one of Led Zeppelin’s highest acclaimed albums, perhaps their Swan Song, (see what I did there?) Physical Graffiti!  I decided to listen to the album on my way to work, giving further reason to doubt their abilities.  I couldnt be more wrong!

One of the reason’s I particularly enjoy The Paramount is their sound and lighting equipment.  I first took notice a couple years ago when I wasnt able to shoot Ace Frehley but wanted to see the show anyway.  The sound system was flawless!  Of course they need the right audio engineer as well as a great Lighting Director so I do hope the venue dont cheap out where theyre concerned! It really does mean that much to provide adequate expertise to both the artists and venues for a more pleasant experience to the patrons.  And as a photographer, the lighting has to “be there” to provide crisp clean shots.  The Paramount doest lack in those aspects.

But back to Lez Zeppelin!!! Not only did they play each song from Physical Graffiti, but they owned them!  It was like the needle hit the vinyl and off they went!  I took more appreciation that it wasnt “note for note”, but their own interpretation putting a small twist to the songs.  More impressive was that there were only the 4 girls playing!  Marlain Angelides providing vocals, Joan Chew on bass and keyboards, Leesa Harrington Squyres on drums and founder Steph Paynes stepping into the giant shoes of Jimmy Page.  But if I were to pick a favorite song that they performed it would have to be Boogie With Stu.  Not only did it sound amazing through the house P.A. but they really seemed to be having fun on stage!  Kashmir and Trampled Under Foot were executed to a “T”, the original doubt that filled my expectations.

If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, they really are a must see, and although I am not happy with the photos I captured, hopefully theyll be back in the area soon and if I cant score a photo/press pass, believe me, Ill be there for the music they so expertly deliver!!

Thanks to Adam Ellis for the credentials

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