Blackmores Night – Patchogue Theater 11.18.22

Richie Blackmore is one of those legendary guitarists who would have been on my “A” list of artists to photograph, had I known about concert photography when I was a kid.  Unfortunately when I was younger there was an imaginary stigma about photographers and thought they were nerds and geeks.  But as I look back, I guess we really are!! Had I known then what I know now! The funny thing is that my room was wallpapered with all my guitar heroes; Randy Rhodes, Eddie Van Halen, Nancy Wilson, Billy Gibbons and of course Richie Blackmore!  How did I not know there was a career to be had?

I dont recall how I learned about Blackmores Night, but I know it was around the time Napster was in full swing.  I had heard about a classical guitarist, Liona Boyd and was doing a bit more research about her as I listened to the tunes I had downloaded.  Perhaps there was an article in the same magazine or the google search I was reading.  No matter the reason, I had to download a few tunes from Blackmore’s new band.  In all honesty, I kinda strayed away from Richie after he left Deep Purple and put Rainbow together.  I guess I lost interest.

His new music piqued my interest.  Remember Circuit City?  I had to run down and grab a couple CD’s!

That was over 20 years ago!  And last night they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of Shadow Of The Moon which was their debut album.  

Their setlist was peppered with songs covering their complete discography, including Under A Violet Moon which was a highlight of the night and had many minstrel attendees dancing in the aisles.  The stage was dressed as a grand room of a castle and every band member including Richie were dressed in Renaissance garb! 

It goes without saying, Richie’s been a legend since the 70’s!  But I find the bucket list of guitarists to photograph near empty! Of course there’s still “Keef”, Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh, Joe Perry and even Angus, but what are the chances?? I’m just tickled to the gills that I finally got to check Richie off the list!


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