Live After Death – A Tribute to a Great Tribute Band

I mentioned in a previous blog that I was really never into tribute bands.  It wasnt until I got a couple tickets to see Mystic Rhythms – Rush Thru Time, a tribute to Rush that I was able to check out what a tribute band was all about.  What I learned is that they werent just a cover band playing Rush tunes, they actually dressed like Rush, playing songs through their illustrious career, similar to Beatlemania, Rain, 1964 or perhaps Strawberry Fields who dress like the Beatles through their musical phases.  Because Mystic Rhythms did such a great job I had to check other tribute bands here on the Island.  

I had seen an advertisement for one of the few Fleetwood Mac tribute bands that were playing at a club I had yet to visit.  I emailed the owner/manager for 89 North and he said he would put me on the guest list for that night.  Starting the evening for Fleetwood Macked was a Tom Petty tribute band called Refugee who quite impressed me!  I must add, when a band pays homage to an artist and calls themselves a “tribute” band, my belief is that you need the gimmick!  Although the band didnt dress as the “Heartbreaker’s”, the front man made himself look like Tom Petty!

As I turned the camera on, I noticed a major flub; I forgot to charge my camera battery!!  Add insult to injury, I didnt bring a backup battery!  Needless to say, I shot sparingly.

Next up was a Heart tribute band called Bad Animals.  I was kicking myself in the ass at how good they were and I couldnt enjoy the show since I was worried about my failing battery.  In the end I was able to capture a few select photos but before their set was over, my battery died.  I never did stick around to see Fleetwood Macked, so I owe them!

Since then, I had made every effort to check out more tribute bands including Rock of Ages(Def Leppard), Judas Priestess(all female Judas Priest), Completely Unchained(Van Halen), Lay Your Hands(all female Bon Jovi), Ozzmossis(Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath), Voyage(Journey) and Live After Death who do an incredible Iron Maiden tribute without having to delve into the gimmick which I mentioned should be included as a true tribute band.  

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  After 20 years, Live After Death has decided to call it quits feeling that the time had come but still had a great run.  Truth be told, Ive never really been a huge fan of Iron Maiden, but to see Live After Death’s dual guitars, Nick Trotti and Mike Dwyer play Maiden note for note and hearing Scott Oliva belting out Bruce Dickenson with such power is something to behold!  The first couple times I had the privilege of seeing them, on bass was Sal Italiano who eventually had been replaced by Russell Pzutto when Sal moved to Florida and filling the shoes of Nicko McBrain is Bobby Reigger.

Ive had the opportunity to see Live After Death several times, a couple of which I put the camera away so that I could enjoy the performance!  They are a band whom I will miss not only to shoot their performance but to hear them play!  I wish all members the best of luck and continued success with whatever road they choose to take!  It was indeed a great run!

Here are a few choice photos as well as the links to the galleries Ive created over the past few years.

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