John Petrucci – Patchogue Theatre 11.20.22

There’s no debatin’, John Petrucci has his bearded signature look!

I had heard about Judas Priestess and I was very curious and hoping theyd make a visit to their fan base here on Long Island.  I was a bit thrilled to learn that they would be opening up for another tribute band whom Id be shooting that night.  But before them, an all-girl Bon Jovi tribute band started the night!

Once the Bon Jovi tribute band was over, I noticed some dude, whom I figured was a “roadie”, started to reset the stage for what would become the guitar gear & pedal board for one of the guitarists for Judas Priestess.  When I noticed him I thought “damn, that guy could pass for John Petrucci!”  Like I said, JP has that signature look!

Just then a photographer acquaintance was passing by. I hollered over to her to ask if she would be shooting the show and the comic she is, stated, “not tonight, the stage is too high!” She made me chuckle with that remark but continued. “Im just here hangin’ with a few friends” I then told her that one of the roadies looks a lot like John Petrucci!  It was her turn to chuckle.  She told me that it indeed was and that one of the guitarists for Judas Priestess was his wife, Rena Sands, and that when he’s not out on tour, he “roadies” for her!  That’s just so cool. Little did I know then, that the “friends” she was sitting with in the VIP section was with none other than Petrucci and “friends”.

I had seen a few videos of John and came to understand why he was a large part of the G3 circuit with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.  John was winning me over in a big way!  I started listening to Liquid Tension Experiment and JP’s solo stuff.  But it wasnt until his Terminal Velocity that really grabbed my senses!  I was listening to the album non-stop, everyday on my train ride to work, and back again!

I couldnt make the Town Hall show in NYC when they got the tour off the ground, so you can imagine the elation when they chose to finish the tour on their home turf in Patchogue, NY!  

I gotta say; there’s a certain sense of thrill and excitement and sheer happiness when you hear such mastery coming through a great sound system!! John has created a perfect tone with his signature guitar and the help of Ernie Ball Music Man.  Alongside Dave LaRue on bass and former Dream Theater bandmate, Mike Portnoy, the boys blew the roof off the Patchogue Theater (was that cliche enough?).  From beginning to end, it was non-stop musical mastery and if I dont see another show for the remainder of the year, this will be the cherry on top of a great year as concert photography goes.  

I just need to figure out how Im going to get Mr Petrucci to sign the bottle of his signature bourbon which he partnered with Iron Smoke Distillery!!  Maybe he’ll make another appearance at another Judas Priestess show!! I can only hope.

Thanks to Kevin Chiaramonte for the credentials

Full Gallery can be viewed here:

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