Alter Bridge – The Paramount 2.2.23

Fronted by Myles Kennedy, Alter Bridge has once again proven they are a band to be reckoned with! Combined with former members of Creed they are bringing back what music, in my opinion, is supposed to be.  But what else can be said about Myles vocals that hasnt already been said?  His unique voice isnt just instantly recognizable, but effortlessly powerful and unrestrained.  And did I mention, he also plays a mean guitar?

Stemming from Orlando, Creed members Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and later, joined by Brian Marshall, the band recruited Kennedy to continue their musical journey; they couldnt have made a better choice! 

Now after 10 albums and nearly a 20 year career as Alter Bridge the band continues to make headway!

Headlining a sold out show at The Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, the energy level was off the charts for the majority of Alter Bridge’s, nearly 2 hour set.  From the first riff of Silver Tongue, the second single off of the band’s recent yet excellent album, Pawns & Kings, all the way through to the last note of their “classic” track Metalingus, arguably the band’s most well-known song.  Only to be followed by an encore of Rise Today, one of, if not THE band’s most “anthemic” cut.

The intensity only came down a notch or two towards the middle of the set for soulful, acoustic versions of Watch Over You and In Loving Memory.  Other highlights included Burn It Down(showcasing Mark Tremonti’s vocal abilities), the title cut from the new album Pawns & Kings, as well as one of my personal favorites – Isolation.

All in all it was a great set and easy to see why these are some of the best hard rock/alternative metal musicians out there doing it today!!

Here are a few highlights of Alter Bridge

Thanks to Kevin Chiarmonte for the opportunity to review.

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