MammothWVH – The Paramount 2.2.23

Ill admit, the first time I saw Wolfgang Van Halen on stage with his Uncle Al behind the kit and his father, stage left, I couldnt help but feel he was out of place; like playing bass for a band like Van Halen wasnt for him.  Perhaps follow in his mother’s footsteps and go into acting if he wanted to be in the entertainment field.  I saw Eddie being Eddie with his guitar acrobatics, displaying his stage showman’s ship, albeit, not like he did in the 80’s! But he still had his stage charisma!  Wolfie, as he is affectionately known, seemed to be in the shadows keeping time with his uncle.

That was then, and this is now! I couldnt have been more wrong!  Of course, being a father-son team, perhaps my expectations were a bit too high? I mean, its King Eddie! Then again, I was hoping he wouldnt turn out like another father-son team like John & Julien! I remember hearing critics stating “Yes, Julien, you can sing, write and look like your father, now be your own person. We’ve heard it all before”! 

Well, Wolfie is no Eddie! And thats a great thing!  The new Van Halen, or MammothWVH as the band fronted by Wolfgang is named, has created a new sound!  I should also mention, not only does Wolfgang play bass, as he did when he was in Van Halen, he also plays keyboards, like his dad, plays guitar, but also sings!  And quite well!

He is truly coming into his own and although, with a King as a father, he is quickly stepping out of that shadow and shining his own light.  Yes, Wolfgang Van Halen is quickly making a new name for himself.

My one and only complaint about the performance was that, due to the fact MammothWVH preceded Alter Bridge, full lighting control was not available, therefore most band members were in the shadows and great captures were not created.

Here are a few select photos from Wolfgang’s performance.

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