The Femmes of Rock – Patchogue Theatre 3.24.23

To this day, I dont know what the difference between a fiddle and a violin are!  If you showed me a Viola and a Cello side by each, I wouldnt know which was which!  But if someone says violin music I instantly think of Stratovarius, Paganini and most recently, Hillary Hahn!

It wasnt until I was in my late teens when I really started to branch out with my musical tastes.  The gentleman who lived in the apartment across the hall from my mom had left 3 cases of cassettes outside his door when he moved out.  I soon realized what a love of jazz he had.  It was with these three cases of music I learned about Chick Corea, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever and Jean Luc-Ponty! 

Jean Luc-Ponty opened my ears!  I had never even thought of jazz violin!  I quickly wore out the three cassettes that were left behind.  I had a new found respect for the violin and I started to give the 4-stringed instrument a bigger ear.  Not only did I expand my taste with classical violin, but perhaps even the fiddle! But at that time I knew all about Charlie Daniels, lap steel and dual fiddles; I lived in the mid-west at the time so I was surrounded by that music!

Fast forward a few decades! Over the past couple years, Ive befriended a very talented, classically trained violinist who is taking rock music to a new level.  She has reopened my ears to what violin music can be!  So when The Femmes of Rock came to town, I had to do some research!

Fronted by Nina DeGregorio, The Femmes of Rock, including Sarah Chaffee on Cello, and Aolani Aguirre and Christina Rose on violin put on a show for the ages!  Still I didnt know what to expect!  I was soon mesmerized by their renditions and arrangements of rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rush and a medley of Southern Rock! I will never listen to La Grange the same again!! 

For nearly two hours, the quartet, backed by guitar, bass and drums, enthralled us! It was also the most Ive enjoyed shooting a show in quite a while!  If you ever have the opportunity, no matter if you know the difference between a violin and a fiddle or dont know which is a viola or cello, I strongly encourage you to take in one of their performances!! You know I will!

Thanks to Jodi Giambrone for the opportunity to review/cover the performance

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