Queensryche – The Paramount 4.8.23

Im the type of person who doesnt believe in regrets but I guess there are things I wish I could change.  And if there is one thing that I wish I could change, would have to be getting serious about photography when I was a young teenager.  I had a camera and I do recall taking my rolls of film to Fotomat; remember Fotomat, those little orange and blue kiosks in the mall parking lot or wherever..?  For whatever reason, photography wasnt anything serious I ever thought to pursue!  Perhaps if it had ever occurred to me that there was a career in Concert Photography, my path would certainly have changed!  But I have no regrets! 

I remember when I first learned of Queensryche. MTV had been airing “Lady Wore Black” in heavy rotation and later the radio was running “Queen of the Reich” non-stop.  But it wasnt until I was attending college in Fort Lauderdale when Operation: Mindcrime was all the rage.  When Empire was released,  I quickly wore out the cassette.  Luckily CD’s had taken over the music medium and no longer was I worried Id wear out my new purchase!

30 years later, Queensryche is still continuing to create great music, albeit with a few band member changes.  Eddie Jackson on bass and Micheal Wilton on lead guitar are the last original members and have teamed up with Mike Stone on guitar, Casey Grillo on drums and Todd La Torre on vocals, supporting their latest release, Digital Noise Alliance.

In addition to a few choice cuts from the new album, their set was peppered with Queensryche classics(see setlist below). There was only one thing that I couldnt stop thinking as I was mesmerized by their playing, “why couldnt I have started concert photography all those years ago?”

Behind The Wall

Dont Look Back

Child of Fire

En Force

Spreading The Disease

In Extremis




Jet City Woman


My Empty Room

Eyes of a Stranger

Thanks to Jen Farhood for the opportunity to review the performance.

For full gallery, visit https://www.robarmstrongphotos.com/Concert-Photography/The-Paramount/Queensryche-040823/

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