Voyage-Journey Tribute Band @ The Paramount 2/7/20

Theres an obvious sense of nostalgia attending a tribute band performance but when the band is on their “A” game and the chemistry is perfect, the roles are lived up to, and the notes are played as you know them, you can easily be taken back to a not-so-complicated time in your past life.  The first time I saw Journey was on their Escape tour at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium and I think Bryan Adams opened the show. I was part of a four-some, but not actually a double date, but the four of us had a great time. Maybe I was asked as a trusted body guard? Its still one of my favorite shows.

That’s what it felt like seeing Voyage for the first time!  Hugo not only sings Steve Perry to a “T”, but also resembles him including his stage attire.  Robby Hoffman plays note-for-note guitar solos previously heard by Neal Schon, perhaps what makes his sound so similar to that of Neal is the signature pickups? No matter the reason, Robby has the tone! It would be also great to see Robby sporting the ‘fro and ‘stache Neal sported back then! On keys is none other than Lance Millard, playing the role of Jonathan Cain/Gregg Rolie, Greg Smith on Bass and Charlie Zeleny on Drums.

Playing all the favorites and not just the ballads Journey is more known for, it will be one of the more memorable shows this year and Ill see them again!  Here is an abbreviated gallery from their show at the Paramount in Huntington, NY.  For full gallery, visit 

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