Last Child – Aerosmith Tribute

Im often discouraged by individuals who complain that tribute bands dont sound like the original. Truth be told, classic artists now a days dont sound like themselves much either! But you gotta consider the effort! Ralph Martinez, does a great job impersonating Steven Tyler’s persona and considering Steven has a larger than life vocal range, NO ONE is going to be spot on! I consider Steven to be in the top 5 if not top 3 of top rock and roll voices of all time and Ralph does an outstanding job hitting the high notes! As for the band, well, its Aerosmith! It’s not too complicated! Its raw, in your face rock and roll! The kind of rock and roll that makes you appreciate the 70’s sound! Aerosmith is the epitome of classic rock!

Here is a quick gallery featuring Last Child from last September as they performed a drive-in show at Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center on Long Island. For full gallery, visit


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