Constantine Maroulis – City Winery NYC 1.29.23

I gotta admit, I was a Simon Cowell fan! I always felt that, although brutal at times, he never beat around the bush when it came to critiquing American Idol’s performers.  But no matter what Simon thought, I always felt that Constantine Maroulis was destined to do good things, which he has!!

The wife and I decided to spend the day in NYC, pretending to be tourists.  We bought our tickets to see Jeckyl & Hyde, a musical production that starred Constantine.  As we were walking to the theater, a familiar mane of hair crossed our path, walking in front of us.  I whispered to my wife and said that I thought it was Constantine…!  But in all reality, I didnt think hed be walking with us “commoners” in the open public, I figured if it was him, he’d be getting mobbed by all the women!  Turns out, when he strolled out on stage, that mane of his was all too familiar!

This past Sunday, he brought his solo show to The City Winery NYC where he stated that it had been more than three years since he’s performed in NYC!  I still find that a bit unreal as I see he still performs with Foreigner’s Journey, an 80’s tribute band. But would that mean a full, solo performance?  I believe he still performs “one-off’s” with Rock of Ages, another musical he had a run with on Broadway, and still makes cameos as I have seen him perform at the Iridium during Joel Hoekstra’s Jam.

Whatever the case, Constantine came out in full force, singing songs of both solo albums and a few personal favorites of his including “Come On Get Happy” by the Partridge Family, a song that he feels got him the spot on American Idol.  No matter what Simon says, I think we could all agree, singing Nickelback was the nail in the coffin, something Constantine seems to agree with, as he told the story of meeting Quinton Terrantino for the first time!  Only he can tell that story!  Let’s hope this was just a teaser, and I hope to see him on stage again, soon!

Here are a few photos from his performance at City Winery NYC 1.29.23

For full gallery, visit

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